Hide Leather Scanning and Nesting Prototype

How the idea born?

Our core team comes from growing up in suburb of city where leather wet blue tanning is the primary source of revenue.  Seeing the many challenges and pollution due to leather manufacturing we had planned to come up with some innovations to change or introduce the automation. We brainstormed many ideas and ended up creating a product which make efficient use of leather material to the last tiny bit.

Hide Leather Scanning and Nesting Prototype idea was born

Proof of Idea – 2017

Proof of Idea was created inside our house using camera, projector, sensor and it’s mounting jigs. It is now evolved to our hide scanning machine and leather nesting machine called GaniNest – Leather Nesting Machine.

  1. We have used external uvc camera which had under 1mp resolution.
  2. Projector is sourced from a friend which is used for home theatre prupose.
  3. We developed software to capture the image, process it and identify the outer contour.
  4. Raw nesting algorithm was developed which took around 20 minutes to execute the nesting.

We used this proof of idea to get feedback from the industry persons.

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